Spice Up The Curry

India is famous for its curry dishes all over the world. Our naan and curry are our specialties found nowhere else and we are proud to have invented hundreds of curry dishes with various naans to eat them with. From flat and thin rumali roti to the soft and fluffy naan, we relish all the flavors of the curries with delight. The Patiala kkitchen, offers you to experience home-like curries in our special Punjabi cuisine menu. Offering an array of aromatic delights, delicacies, rich and spicy flavors of the various shorbas, both veg, and non-veg that we serve hot with the naans or alone to eat like soups. The best family restaurant in Noida, with a luxurious interior and outer seating area. A soothing, peaceful cozy experience to enjoy with people or even alone, cause all we want are happy people who love their food just as we love to have them around. Also, we believe nobody is alone if their food is their company. 

One should always find some time from their busy schedule and treat themselves with the most luscious cuisines and relishing experience once in a while. It doesn’t harm anybody to spend an evening away from the problems and has some fun, does it? 

Therefore, we are here to magnify your dining experience with our mouthwatering meals, all snacks, and main course dishes filled with spicy, tangy, buttery flavors. Our best sellers, Dal makhani and Butter chicken are a must-try, and you can choose your favorite beverage to complement your meals. Serving hot coffee, chocolate, and surprisingly amazing mocktails and cocktails, we are the perfect blend of fun and sober. Our special bar has the perfect mood set for you with light music, dim lights to set your mood just right. A theme-based, luxurious resto-bar in Noida, where everybody is welcomed with an open heart and premium hospitality from our staff. 

From Patiala kaali shahi daal to Murgh Haye Tauba with a rich unique distinctive black pepper spice flavor, we set the benchmark of traditional Indian flavors and Punjabi cuisines. 

One can also much onto some chatter Patar things while enjoying beverages like the salsa nachos, or french fries until we serve our distinguished and aromatic curries to satiate your hunger for a luscious meal. Rejoice under the sky during the winter season alongside a bonfire to keep you warm and cozy, yet experience the best time while you dine with us. Get ready to avail best deals on our party offers as the festive season arrives soon. Book the most luxurious family restaurant in Noida and spend a fun-filled time with family and guests. 

A kid-friendly and couple-friendly restaurant, at affordable prices, makes us the cheap restaurant in Noida and a good cafe that serves everyone with love.

So, the next time you are in Noida, do not forget to stop by to grab the best curry flavors and Spicy tangy continental meals with the Patiala kkitchen, the best family restaurant and resto-bar in Noida. 

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